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The Picture Book Buzz

-Maria C. Marshall

Children's Book EGG, by Laura N. Clemet and Sunny J. Choi

Written by Laura N. Clement

Illustrated by Sunny J. Choi

When you’re destined for greatness but can’t swim, life in a duck family is a little complicated, especially if you’re a dragon who just happens to sneeze... fire. Egg is a diverse hero on her very own journey, slightly out of place and lost in her world but surrounded by love and unknown danger. With an inspirational WHOMPBOOM! join Egg on her adventure as she discovers sometimes greatness is within you all along.


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"...This book made me realize the times are changing – we are moving from stories where difference and acceptance is the center of the story (aka The Ugly Duckling) to stories like this where little ones are automatically accepted, freeing the character up for greater adventure. Egg is simultaneously a contemplative and fierce female character."

-BiologyMama on Amazon

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